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Cones of divisors of blow-ups of projective spaces

TitleCones of divisors of blow-ups of projective spaces
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsLo Giudice, A, Cacciola, S, Donten-Bury, M, Dumitrescu, O, Park, J
JournalLe Matematiche 66 (2011) 153-187

We investigate Mori dream spaces obtained by blowing-up the n-dimensional complex projective space at n + 1, n + 2 or n + 3 points in very general position. Using toric techniques we study the movable cone of the blow-up of Pn at n + 1 points, its decomposition into nef chambers and the action of the Weyl group on the set of chambers. Moreover, using different methods, we explicitly write down the equations of the movable\\r\\ncone also for Pn blown-up at n + 2 points.


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