Quantum Groups and Noncommutative Geometry

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Research topics

  • Dirac operators on quantum homogeneous spaces, construction of spectral triples, and applications to models in mathematical physics.
  • Noncommutative generalization of Borsuk-Ulam and Brouwer fixed-point theorems, and non-contractibility of compact quantum groups.
  • Index theory, invariants of elliptic operators, applications of noncommutative geometry and KK-theory (bounded and unbounded) to the study of the geometry and topology of manifolds.
  • ADHM construction of noncommutative instatons in SUq(2) gauge theories. Non commutative moduli spaces.
  • Representations of SUq(2) at roots of unity and extensions of the spin covering with applications to exotic statistics.


Research Group

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Weekly seminar of the group of Noncommutative Geometry, SISSA and Università di Trieste. Noncommutative geometry, a blog on noncommutative Geometry., noncommutative Geometry and particle Physics blog.


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