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Models and applications in CFD

Course Type: 
PhD Course
Academic Year: 
20 h

The course refers to the use of computational fluid dynamics techniques to address advanced applications in environmental, cardiovascular and industrial contexts. Each topic will be corroborated by a set of numerical examples to be performed within the open source C++ finite volume library OpenFOAM.

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Introduction to Finite Volume discretization
First module: Ocean and Atmospheric Flows

Navier-Stokes equations in stream function-vorticity formulation
Quasi Geostrophic equations
Compressible Euler equations with buoyancy effects
Second module: Cardiovascular Flows

Multiscale modelling for the simulation of the blood flows in idealized geometries
Applications to patient-specific configurations
Third module: Examples of Industrial Applications

Multiphase and conjiugate heat transfer modelling for refrigeration systems
Fluid-solid modeling for pharmaceutical applications

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