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Computing optimal strokes for low reynolds number swimmers

TitleComputing optimal strokes for low reynolds number swimmers
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsDeSimone, A, Heltai, L, Alouges, F, Aline, L-L
Book TitleNatural locomotion in fluids and on surfaces : swimming, flying, and sliding / editors Stephen Childress, Anette Hosoi, William W. Schultz, and Z. Jane Wang, editors,
Series VolumeThe IMA volumes in mathematics and its applications;155
ISBN Number9781461439967
KeywordsNumerical analysis.

We discuss connections between low-Reynolds-number swimming and geometric control theory, and present a general algorithm for the numerical computation of energetically optimal strokes. As an illustration of our approach, we show computed motility maps and optimal strokes for two model swimmers.


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