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Fields of bounded deformation for mesoscopic dislocations

TitleFields of bounded deformation for mesoscopic dislocations
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsVan Goethem, N

In this paper we discuss the consequences of the distributional approach to dislocations in terms of the mathematical properties\\r\\nof the auxiliary model fields such as displacement and displacement gradient which are obtained directly from \\r\\nthe main model field here considered as the linear strain. We show that these fields cannot be introduced rigourously without \\r\\nthe introduction of gauge fields, or equivalently, without cuts in the Riemann foliation associated to the dislocated crystal.\\r\\nIn a second step we show that the space of bounded deformations follows from the distributional approach in a natural way and \\r\\ndiscuss the reasons why it is adequate to model dislocations. The case of dislocation clusters is also addressed, as it represents an important issue in industrial crystal growth while from a mathematical point of view, peculiar phenomena might appear at the set of accumulation points. \\r\\nThe elastic-plastic decomposition of the strain within this approach is also given a precise meaning.


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