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Semistable and numerically effective principal (Higgs) bundles

TitleSemistable and numerically effective principal (Higgs) bundles
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsBruzzo, U, Grana-Otero, B
JournalAdvances in Mathematics 226 (2011) 3655-3676

We study Miyaoka-type semistability criteria for principal Higgs G-bundles E on complex projective manifolds of any dimension. We prove that E has the property of being semistable after pullback to any projective curve if and only if certain line bundles, obtained from some characters of the parabolic subgroups of G, are numerically effective. One also proves that these conditions are met for semistable principal Higgs bundles whose adjoint bundle has vanishing second Chern class.\\r\\n\\r\\nIn a second part of the paper, we introduce notions of numerical effectiveness and numerical flatness for principal (Higgs) bundles, discussing their main properties. For (non-Higgs) principal bundles, we show that a numerically flat principal bundle admits a reduction to a Levi factor which has a flat Hermitian–Yang–Mills connection, and, as a consequence, that the cohomology ring of a numerically flat principal bundle with coefficients in R is trivial. To our knowledge this notion of numerical effectiveness is new even in the case of (non-Higgs) principal bundles.

Alternate JournalSemistable and numerically effective principal Higgs bundles

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