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Topological sensitivity analysis for high order elliptic operators

TitleTopological sensitivity analysis for high order elliptic operators
Publication TypePreprint
AuthorsAmstutz, S, Novotny, AAndré, Van Goethem, N
Document NumberSISSA;36/2012/M
Topological derivative, Elliptic operators, Polarization tensor

The topological derivative is defined as the first term of the asymptotic expansion of a given shape functional with respect to a small parameter that measures the size of a singular domain perturbation. It has applications in many different fields such as shape and topology optimization, inverse problems, image processing and mechanical modeling including synthesis and/or optimal design of microstructures, fracture mechanics sensitivity analysis and damage evolution modeling. The topological derivative has been fully developed for a wide range of second order differential operators. In this paper we deal with the topological asymptotic expansion of a class of shape functionals associated with elliptic differential operators of order 2m, m>=1. The general structure of the polarization tensor is derived and the concept of degenerate polarization tensor is introduced. We provide full mathematical justifications for the derived formulas, including precise estimates of remainders.

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