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SIAM Conference on Uncertainty Quantification (UQ24)

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Tuesday, February 27, 2024 - 07:30 to Friday, March 1, 2024 - 19:00

About the Conference

This is the conference of the SIAM Activity Group on Uncertainty Quantification.
This conference is being held in cooperation with the American Statistical Association (ASA) and GAMM Activity Group on Uncertainty Quantification (GAMM AG UQ).
Uncertainty quantification (UQ) is essential for establishing the reliability of predictions made by computational models. Such models are often deterministic, and the UQ discipline has traditionally focused on how to quantify uncertainty in that case. Statistical methods play a major role in that effort, and represent an alternative modeling strategy when less is known about the system of interest. The two approaches are naturally synergistic, and with the emergence of machine learning as a practical tool, it is becoming more important than ever to view the whole UQ ecosystem through a unifying lens.

UQ is application-driven and inherently interdisciplinary, relying on a broad range of mathematical and statistical foundations, domain knowledge, and algorithmic and computational tools. UQ24 will bring together mathematicians, statisticians, scientists, engineers, and others interested in the theory, development, and application of UQ methods. Major conference themes will include mathematical and statistical foundations, data-driven approaches and computational advances, applications of UQ in biology, medicine, environmental and climate sciences, decision making for societal benefit, and all areas of physical science and engineering. The goal of the conference is to provide a forum for exchanging ideas between diverse groups from academia, industry, and government laboratories, thereby enhancing communication and contributing to future advances in the field.



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