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Analysis, Math-Phys, and Quantum Seminars

This Seminar is run within the mathematics division of SISSA as a part of SISSA's research activities on the Mathematical Methods of Quantum Mechanics, and is partially funded by the 2014-2017 FIR-MIUR grant "COND-MATH, Condensed Matter in Mathematical Physics".

The Seminar presents a selection of recent advances in the current mathematical research driven primarily by models and emergent effects from condensed matter and ultra-cold atoms physics, statistical physics, and theoretical physics. This involves methods and tools from functional analysis, PDE, and operator theory, and in particular: quadratic forms, spectral and scattering theory, non-linear and dispersive PDEs, singular perturbations of elliptic differential operators, self-adjoint extension theory, scaling and kinetic limits, C*-algebraic formulation of Quantum Mechanics, semi-classical analysis, numerics, and topological and geometrical methods for solid state physics.

Organisers: Marko Erceg, Matteo Gallone, Gianfausto Dell'Antonio, Alessandro Michelangeli, Alessandro Olgiati, Raffaele Scandone

Coordinator: Alessandro Michelangeli

Date Speaker Seminar
25 September 2017 Marcello Porta
(University of Zurich)
Effective dynamics of interacting fermionic systems
19 June 2017 Marek Bozejko
Generalized Fock spaces, second quantization and ultra-contractivity of Ornstein-Uhlenbeck semigroups
8 June 2017 Roberta Musina
On the dependence of the Spectral Fractional Laplacian on a domain
31 May 2017 Angelo Bassi
(University of Trieste)
Collapse models and the challenge to the quantum superposition principle: an update
25 May 2017 Luca Fanelli
(Rome La Sapienza)
About the Uncertainty Principle
24 May 2017 Matteo Gallone
(SISSA Trieste)
Self-adjoint realisations of the Dirac operator with Coulomb interaction
18 May 2017 Marin Mišur
Anisotropic distributions, microlocal defect functionals, and applications
4 May 2017 Marko Erceg
(Zagreb + SISSA Trieste)
Friedrichs systems in a Hilbert space framework: solvability and multiplicity
11 April 2017 Gabriele Spada
(SISSA Trieste)
The power of series
28 March 2017 Daniele Dimonte
(SISSA Trieste)
Energy asymptotics for a fast rotating Bose-Einstein Condensate
23 March 2017 Raffaele Scandone
(SISSA Trieste)
Global existence of weak solutions to the non-linear Schrödinger equation with rough, time-dependent magnetic potentials
16 March 2017 Alessandro Olgiati
(SISSA Trieste)
Effective dynamics for multi-component BEC: mixtures, pseudo-spinors, fragmentation.
9 March 2017 Teoman Turgut
(Istanbul Boğaziçi)
Born-Oppenheimer approximation for singular systems
9 March 2017 Torben Krüger
(IST Vienna)
Stability of the matrix Dyson equation and random matrices with correlations
2 March 2017 Douglas Lundholm
(KTH Stockholm)
Ground­-state properties of the anyon gas
2 March 2017 Vieri Benci
Hylomorphic solitons
24 February 2017 Marcello Porta
(University of Zurich)
Topological phase transitions in the Haldane-Hubbard model
24 February 2017 Stefano Lepri
(CNR-ISC Florence)
The discrete non-linear Schrödinger equation out of equilibrium
24 February 2017 Rosario Fazio
(SNS Pisa and ICTP Trieste)
Topological fractional pumping with alkaline-earth(-like) ultracold atoms
24 February 2017 Tomaz Prozen
Strongly correlated nonequilibrium steady states with currents – classical and quantum
24 February 2017 Valentina Ros
(CEA Saclay)
Remanent magnetization: signature of many-body localization in quantum antiferromagnets
23 February 2017 Sabrina Maniscalco
(TCQP Turku)
Quantum simulators of non-Markovian dynamics
23 February 2017 Michele Campisi
(SNS Pisa)
(Quantum) Volume Entropy
23 February 2017 John Goold
(ICTP Trieste)
Daemonic ergotropy: enhanced work extraction from quantum correlations
23 February 2017 Nilanjana Datta
(DPMMS Cambridge)
Second-order asymptotics for quantum hypothesis testing in settings beyond i.i.d.
23 February 2017 Fabio Benatti
(University of Trieste)
Hybrid mesoscopic dissipative dynamics on quantum spin chains
22 February 2017 Giovanni Landi
(University of Trieste)
Sigma-models and the Schrödinger representation
22 February 2017 Antonello Scardicchio
(ICTP Trieste)
Many body localisation and the glass phase
22 February 2017 Vieri Mastropietro
Localisation of interacting fermions with quasi-random disorder
22 February 2017 Domenico Monaco
Localisation dichotomy for gapped periodic quantum systems
22 February 2017 Raffaello Bianco
(Rome La Sapienza)
Orbital magnetization in insulators: bulk versus surface
22 February 2017 Horia Cornean
On the multiple-logarithm method in constructing exponentially localized composite Wannier functions
21 February 2017 Andrea Trombettoni
(CNR Democritos Trieste)
Tunneling-based quantum devices with ultra-cold strongly interacting atoms
21 February 2017 Serena Cenatiempo
(GSSI L'Aquila)
Analysis of fluctuations around non linear Schrödinger dynamics
21 February 2017 Giulia Semeghini
(LENS Florence)
3D Anderson localization and liquid quantum droplets with ultra-cold atoms
21 February 2017 Mario Pulvirenti
(Rome La Sapienza)
From N-Body Schrödinger to Hartree: Uniformity in the Planck constant
21 February 2017 Marcello Dalmonte
(ICTP Trieste)
Lattice gauge theories in AMO systems: from spin ices to SU(N)
21 February 2017 Sandro Stringari
(INO-CNR BEC Center Trento)
Superfluidity in spin-orbit coupled Bose-Einstein condensates
20 February 2017 Lev Pitaevskii
(ICTP Trieste)
Solitons in two-component Bose-Einstein condensates
20 February 2017 Alessandro Teta
(Rome La Sapienza)
Efimov effect for a three-particle system with two identical fermions
20 February 2017 Angelo Bassi
(University of Trieste)
Collapse models and many-body quantum systems
20 February 2017 Johannes Hofmann
(Cavendish Laboratory Cambridge)
Deep inelastic scattering on ultra-cold gases
20 February 2017 Giacomo Roati
(LENS Florence)
Experiments with strongly interacting atomic Fermi gases
16 February 2017 Phan Thanh Nam
(Masaryk Brno)
Collective behaviors of weakly interacting Bose gases - III
14 February 2017 Phan Thanh Nam
(Masaryk Brno)
Collective behaviors of weakly interacting Bose gases - II
13 February 2017 Phan Thanh Nam
(Masaryk Brno)
Collective behaviors of weakly interacting Bose gases - I
9 February 2017 Jean-Philippe Miqueu
Spectral analysis of the magnetic Laplacian with vanishing magnetic field
2 February 2017 Chiara Saffirio
(University of Zurich)
Mean field evolution of fermions with Coulomb interactions
2 February 2017 Giuseppe Genovese
(University of Zurich)
Invariant measures for the periodic derivative non-linear Schrödinger equation
26 January 2017 Costanza Benassi
(University of Zurich)
Decay of correlations in 2d quantum systems
25 January 2017 Domenico Finco
(UTIU Rome)
On the ground state for the non-linear Schrödinger equation on a graph
18 January 2017 Heide Narnhofer
Results and open problems for the time evolution of continuous systems
12 January 2017 Diego Noja
(Milan Bicocca)
A Dirac field coupled with classically moving nuclei
15 December 2016 Niels Benedikter
Effective evolution equations for many-body fermionic systems
2 December 2016 Emanuela Giacomelli
(Rome La Sapienza)
Surface superconductivity in presence of corners (for type-II superconductors)
9 November 2016 Raffaele Scandone
(SISSA Trieste)
On fractional powers of Schrödinger operators with point interactions
9 November 2016 Rodolfo Figari
Quantum beating in a non-linear point interaction double-well potential
9 November 2016 Davide Fermi
(Como Insubria)
Casimir energy for singular potentials concentrated on a plane
9 November 2016 Lorenzo Tentarelli
Well-posedness of the two-dimensional NLS with concentrated non-linearity
9 November 2016 Raffaele Carlone
The 1D Dirac equation with concentrated non-linearity
9 November 2016 Vladimir Lotoreichik
(UJF-CAS Prague)
Optimization of the lowest eigenvalue for surface δ-interactions and for Robin Laplacians
8 November 2016 Markus Holzmann
(TU Graz)
An extension-theoretic approach to the study of Dirac operators with δ-shell interactions supported on surfaces
8 November 2016 Konstantin Pankrashkin
Eigenvalue inequalities and absence of threshold resonances for wave-guide junctions
8 November 2016 Andrea Posilicano
(Como Insubria)
On the Calderon uniqueness problem with non-regular conductivity
8 November 2016 Claudio Cacciapuoti
(Como Insubria)
Existence of ground state for the NLS on star-like graphs
8 November 2016 Andrea Ottolini
On point interactions realised as Ter-Martirosyan--Skornyakov Hamiltonians
8 November 2016 Giulia Basti
(Rome La Sapienza)
Efimov effect for a system of two identical fermions and a different particle
7 November 2016 Yvan Castin
(LKB-ENS Paris)
Unitary gases
7 November 2016 Sergio Albeverio
Point interactions – Some souvenirs and some new developments
27 October 2016 Nenad Antonić
Friedrichs systems with complex coefficients
20 October 2016 Scipio Cuccagna
(University of Trieste)
On the asymptotic stability of the ground states of the non-linear Schrödinger equation
13 October 2016 Kenji Yajima
(Tokyo Gakushuin)
On the propagator of Schrödinger operators
11 July 2016 Andrea Ottolini
(SISSA Trieste)
Self-adjoint extension theories and models of zero-range interactions
16 June 2016 Ugo Boscain
(CNRS and Ecole Polytechnique)
Introduction to quantum control - II
14 June 2016 Ugo Boscain
(CNRS and Ecole Polytechnique)
Introduction to quantum control - I
9 June 2016 Gian Michele Graf
(ETH Zurich)
Time-reversal invariant topological insulators and a comparison of indices
6 June 2016 Vladimir Georgiev
Scattering of small solutions of the cubic non-linear Schrödinger equation with short-range potentials
24 May 2016 Valentina Ros
(SISSA Trieste)
Interacting quantum systems with disorder: localisation and integrals of motion
19 May 2016 Stefan Teufel
The non-linear Schrödinger limit for bosons in a quantum wave-guide
19 May 2016 Andrea Trombettoni
(SISSA Trieste)
Quantum simulations of the Kondo effect in Y-junctions of 1D waveguides with ultra-cold bosons
12 May 2016 Guglielmo Feltrin
(SISSA Trieste)
High multiplicity of positive solutions to indefinite boundary value problems: a topological approach
12 May 2016 Alessandro Fonda
(University of Trieste)
Periodic solutions of Hamiltonian systems arising from the Poincaré-Birkhoff theorem
4 May 2016 Christian Kühn
(TU Graz)
Schrödinger operators with delta-interactions on curves in R^3
21 April 2016 Serena Cenatiempo
(GSSI L'Aquila)
A norm approximation to the boson many-body dynamics
11 March 2016 Nikolai Leopold
(LMU Munich)
Mean-field limits of charged particles in interaction with their radiation field
3 March 2016 Raffaele Resta
(University of Trieste)
The geometry of the insulating state of matter
3 March 2016 Lorenzo Piroli
(SISSA Trieste)
Non-equilibrium dynamics in many-body quantum integrable systems
29 February 2016 - 11 March 2016 Peter Pickl
(LMU Munich)
Quantum many-body dynamics and effective evolution equations (graduate course)
25 February 2016 Rodolfo Figari
Tracks of a quantum particle in quantum environments
18 February 2016 Mario Pulvirenti
(Rome La Sapienza)
Scaling limits and kinetic equations
5 February 2016 Fabio Benatti
(University of Trieste)
Dissipative dynamics on large spin chains - Part II
4 February 2016 Fabio Benatti
(University of Trieste)
Dissipative dynamics on large spin chains - Part I
28 January 2016 Andrea Posilicano
(Como Insubria)
Limiting absorption principle, generalised eigenfunction expansions, and scattering matrix for Laplace operators with boundary conditions on hyper-surfaces
28 January 2016 Jussi Behrndt
(TU Graz)
Scattering matrices and Dirichlet-to-Neumann maps
21 January 2016 Andrea Sacchetti
Non-linear Schrödinger equation with periodic potential (plus Stark-type perturbation)
14 January 2016 Gustavo De Oliveira
(SISSA Trieste)
Quantum dynamics of a particle constrained to lie on a surface
18 December 2015 Teoman Turgut
(Istanbul Boğaziçi)
Some ideas for Bose-Einstein condensation on a manifold
17 December 2015 Susanna Terracini
On Aharonov-Bohm operators with varying poles
10 December 2015 Roberto Longo
(Rome Tor Vergata and CMTP)
Where infinite spin particles are localizable
7 December 2015 Teoman Turgut
(Istanbul Boğaziçi)
Heat kernel approach to singular problems
3 December 2015 John Barrett
Random non-commutative geometries
26 November 2015 Giuseppe Marmo
Geometric formulation of Quantum Mechanics: states and evolution
19 November 2015 Detlef Dürr
(LMU Munich)
What is the mystery of Quantum Physics?
12 November 2015 Jan Dereziński
Canonical commutation relations and Bogoliubov transformations
5 November 2015 Federico Carollo
(University of Trieste)
Non-Markovian many-body dynamics
29 October 2015 Pavel Exner
(CAS Prague)
Schrödinger operators exhibiting a parameter-dependent spectral transition
22 October 2015 Antti Knowles
(ETH Zurich)
Local eigenvalue statistics for random regular graphs
17 June 2015 Benjamin Schlein
(University of Zurich)
Time evolution of quantum systems in the BCS approximation
11 June 2015 Diego Noja
(Milan Bicocca)
Bifurcation and stability of standing waves for non-linear Schrödinger equation on a tadpole graph
5 June 2015 Alessandro Giuliani
(University of Rome 3)
Quantum Hall effect in the interacting Haldane model
4 June 2015 Fabio Benatti
(University of Trieste)
Quantum fluctuations, dissipation, and mesoscopic entanglement
14 May 2015 Alexander Lorz
(UPMC Paris, Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions)
At the crossroads of evolutionary PDEs, numerics, and biology: population dynamics and therapeutic resistance - mathematical models
6 May 2015 Gianluca Panati
(Rome La Sapienza)
Geometry and localization in periodic Schrödinger dynamics
27 April 2015 Giuseppe de Nittis
The topology of chiral vector bundles
26 March 2015 Andrea Trombettoni
(Democritos Trieste)
Suppression of Landau instability for supersonic superfluid flows
19 March 2015 Balázs Hetényi
(Bilkent University Ankara)
The topology of ideal conduction
17 March 2015 Balázs Hetényi
(Bilkent University Ankara)
Supersolidity in the bosonic Hubbard model
12 March 2015 Riccardo Adami
(Polytechnic University Turin)
Ground states for the non-linear Schrödinger equation on graphs: existence and non-existence results
5 March 2015 Claudia Negulescu
(UPS Toulouse III)
Numerical aspects concerning an efficient resolution of the Schrödinger equation. Application to decoherence.
12 February 2015 Valter Moretti
Frame functions in finite-dimensional Quantum Mechanics and its Hamiltonian formulation on complex projective spaces
29 January 2015 Daniele Guido
(Rome Tor Vergata)
Crossed product of a spectral triple with a single endomorphism
22 January 2015 Naiara Arrizabalaga
(UPV/EHU Bilbao)
Shell interactions for Dirac operators
13 January 2015 Nicola Visciglia
A revised version of the Brézis-Gallouët technique
11 December 2014 Domenico Monaco
(SISSA Trieste)
Geometry in Solid State Physics: the case study of topological insulators
4 December 2014 Peter Pickl
(LMU Munich)
Derivation of the semiclassical Schrödinger equation from Quantum Electrodynamics
20 November 2014 Alexander K. Motovilov
(JINR Dubna)
Bounds on perturbations of spectra and spectral subspaces
6 November 2014 Paolo Antonelli
(GSSI L'Aquila)
On a class of non-linear Schrödinger equations with non-linear damping
30 October 2014 László Zsidó
(Rome Tor Vergata)
On Woronowicz's approach to the Tomita-Takesaki theory

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