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On coherent Hopf 2-algebras

TitleOn coherent Hopf 2-algebras
Publication TypePreprint
AuthorsHan, X
Date Published05/2020

We construct a coherent Hopf 2-algebra as quantization of a coherent 2-group, which consists of two Hopf coquasigroups and a coassociator. For this constructive method, if we replace Hopf coquasigroups by Hopf algebras, we can construct a strict Hoft 2-algebra, which is a quantisation of 2-group. We also study the crossed comodule of Hopf algebras, which is shown to be a strict Hopf 2-algebra under some conditions. As an example, a quasi coassociative Hopf coquasigroup is employed to build a special coherent Hopf 2-algebra with nontrivial coassociator. Following this we study functions on Cayley algebra basis.

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