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Frames symplectic sheaves on surfaces and their ADHM data

TitleFrames symplectic sheaves on surfaces and their ADHM data
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsScalise, JVittorio
Keywordsmoduli spaces

This dissertation is centered on the moduli space of what we call framed symplectic sheaves on a surface, compactifying the corresponding moduli space of framed principal SP−bundles.
It contains the construction of the moduli space, which is carried out for every
smooth projective surface X with a big and nef framing divisor, and a study of its deformation theory.
We also develop an in-depth analysis of the examples X = P2 and X = Blp (P2 ),
showing that the corresponding moduli spaces enjoy an ADHM-type description. In the former case, we prove irreducibility of the space and exhibit a relation with the space of framed ideal instantons on S4 in type C.

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