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Holomorphically symplectic varieties with Prym Lagrangian fibrations

TitleHolomorphically symplectic varieties with Prym Lagrangian fibrations
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsMatteini, T
KeywordsHolomorphically symplectic varieties

The thesis presents a construction of singular holomorphically symplectic varieties as Lagrangian fibrations. They are relative compactified Prym varieties associated to curves on symplectic surfaces with an antisymplectic involution. They are identified with the fixed locus of a symplectic involution on singular moduli spaces of sheaves of dimension 1. An explicit example, giving a singular irreducible symplectic 6-fold without symplectic resolutions, is described for a K3 surface which is the double cover of a cubic surface. In the case of abelian surfaces, a variation of this construction is studied to get irreducible symplectic varieties: relative compactified 0-Prym varieties. A partial classification result is obtained for involutions without fixed points: either the 0-Prym variety is birational to an irreducible symplectic variety of K3[n]-type, or it does not admit symplectic resolutions.

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