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Integrable lifts for transitive Lie algebroids

TitleIntegrable lifts for transitive Lie algebroids
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsAndroulidakis, I, Antonini, P
JournalArXiv e-prints
Keywords14F40; 58H05; Mathematics - Differential Geometry

Inspired by the work of Molino, we show that the integrability obstruction for transitive Lie algebroids can be made to vanish by adding extra dimensions. In particular, we prove that the Weinstein groupoid of a non-integrable transitive and abelian Lie algebroid, is the quotient of a finite dimensional Lie groupoid. Two constructions as such are given: First, explaining the counterexample to integrability given by Almeida and Molino, we see that it can be generalized to the construction of an "Almeida-Molino" integrable lift when the base manifold is simply connected. On the other hand, we notice that the classical de Rham isomorphism provides a universal integrable algebroid. Using it we construct a "de Rham" integrable lift for any given transitive Abelian Lie algebroid.


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