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Integrable systems and classification of 2D topological field theories

TitleIntegrable systems and classification of 2D topological field theories
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsDubrovin, B
Book TitleIntegrable systems : the Verdier memorial conference : actes du colloque international de Luminy / Olivier Babelon, Pierre Cartier, Yvette Kosmann-Schwarzbach editors. - Boston [etc.] : Birkhauser, c1993. - p. 313-359
ISBN Number0817636536

In this paper we consider from the point of view of differential geometry and of the\\r\\ntheory of integrable systems the so-called WDVV equations as defining relations of 2-\\r\\ndimensional topological field theory. A complete classification of massive topological conformal\\r\\nfield theories (TCFT) is obtained in terms of monodromy data of an auxillary\\r\\nlinear operator with rational coefficients. Procedure of coupling of a TCFT to topological\\r\\ngravity is described (at tree level) via certain integrable bihamiltonian hierarchies of\\r\\nhydrodynamic type and their τ -functions. A possible role of bihamiltonian formalism in\\r\\ncalculation of high genus corrections is discussed. As a biproduct of this discussion new\\r\\nexamples of infinite dimensional Virasoro-type Lie algebras and their nonlinear analogues\\r\\nare constructed. As an algebro-geometrical applications it is shown that WDVV is just the\\r\\nuniversal system of integrable differential equations (high order analogue of the Painlev´e-\\r\\nVI) specifying periods of Abelian differentials on Riemann surfaces as functions on moduli\\r\\nof these surfaces.


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