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Local moduli of semisimple Frobenius coalescent structures

TitleLocal moduli of semisimple Frobenius coalescent structures
Publication TypePreprint
AuthorsCotti, G, Dubrovin, B, Guzzetti, D
Document NumberarXiv;1712.08575

There is a conjectural relation, formulated by the second author, between the enumerative geometry of a wide class of smooth projective varieties and their derived category of coherent sheaves. In particular, there is an increasing interest for an explicit description of certain local invariants, called monodromy data, of semisimple quantum cohomologies in terms of characteristic classes of exceptional collections in the derived categories. Being intentioned to address this problem, which, to our opinion, is still not well understood, we have realized that some issues in the theory of Frobenius manifolds need to be preliminarily clarified, and that an extension of the theory itself is necessary, in view of the fact that quantum cohomologies of certain classes of homogeneous spaces may show a coalescence phenomenon.

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