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Traveling Quasi-periodic Water Waves with Constant Vorticity

TitleTraveling Quasi-periodic Water Waves with Constant Vorticity
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsBerti, M, Franzoi, L, Maspero, A
Pagination99 - 202
Date Published2021/04/01
ISBN Number1432-0673

We prove the first bifurcation result of time quasi-periodic traveling wave solutions for space periodic water waves with vorticity. In particular, we prove the existence of small amplitude time quasi-periodic solutions of the gravity-capillary water waves equations with constant vorticity, for a bidimensional fluid over a flat bottom delimited by a space-periodic free interface. These quasi-periodic solutions exist for all the values of depth, gravity and vorticity, and restrict the surface tension to a Borel set of asymptotically full Lebesgue measure.

Short TitleArchive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis

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