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Uniqueness for discontinuous ODE and conservation laws

TitleUniqueness for discontinuous ODE and conservation laws
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsBressan, A, Shen, W
JournalNonlinear Analysis 34 (1998) 637-652

Consider a scalar O.D.E. of the form $\\\\dot x=f(t,x),$ where $f$ is possibly discontinuous w.r.t. both variables $t,x$. Under suitable assumptions, we prove that the corresponding Cauchy problem admits a unique solution, which depends H\\\\\\\"older continuously on the initial data.\\nOur result applies in particular to the case where $f$ can be written in the form $f(t,x)\\\\doteq g\\\\big( u(t,x)\\\\big)$, for some function $g$ and some solution $u$ of a scalar conservation law, say $u_t+F(u)_x=0$. In turn, this yields the uniqueness and continuous dependence of solutions to a class of $2\\\\times 2$ strictly hyperbolic systems, with initial data in $\\\\L^\\\\infty$.


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