Conservation Laws and Transport Problems

Research topics

  • Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws in One Space Dimension
  • Fundamental theory: existence, uniqueness and continuous dependence of weak entropy admissible solutions, characterization of semigroup trajectories
  • Problems with large BV data, blow-up of BV norm, local existence and uniqueness
  • Structure of solutions, local behavior, structural stability, generalized shift-differentiability w.r.t. parameters
  • Initial-boundary problems, inhomogeneous balance laws, asymptotic blow-up patterns, global existence
  • Convergence rates for approximation schemes: wave-front tracking, Glimm, finite element
  • Vanishing viscosity approximations, a-priori estimates, convergence
  • Flow of weakly differentiable vector fields
  • Linear transport problems


Research Group

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Main External Collaborators

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