mathLab seminars

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Date Speaker Room Seminar
November 9, 2022, time 15.00 Stefano Zampini (KAUST) A-133 Device Accelerated Solvers with PETSc. Current Status, Future Perspectives and Applications
November 16, 2022, time 15.00 Robert Nurnberg (Università di Trento) A-131 A generalized DeTurck trick for anisotropic curve shortening flow
November 23, 2022, time 14.00 Lorenzo Mascotto (Università di Milano Bicocca) A-139 Enriching Galerkin methods
December 7, 2022, time 14.00 Andreas Dedner (University of Warwick) A-137 A General Approach for Implementing Virtual Element Schemes
January 24, 2023, time 14.00 Zhaonan Dong (INRIA) A-133 and online A posteriori error analysis for discontinuous Galerkin methods on polygonal and polyhedral meshes
January 25, 2023, time 16.00 Arran Fernandez (Eastern Mediterranean University) online Fractional differential equations: initialisation, singularity, and dimensions
October 24, 2023, time 11.00 Davide Riccobelli, MOX — Politecnico di Milano A-133 Brain mechanics and neurological diseases: exploring insights from mathematical modeling.
November 17, 2023, time 12.00 Francesco Bonaldi (LAMPS — Université de Perpignan) A-134 Darcy flows and contact mechanics in fractured porous media
December 6, 2023, time 16.00 Paolo Piersanti (Indiana University) A-133 Variational Inequalities and their applications in elasticity and glaciology
December 4, 2023, time 15.00 Pablo Alexei Gazca Orozco (Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat Freiburg) A-128-129 Numerical computations and thermodynamically complete models for inelastic behaviour in solids

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