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Deformed Lorentz symmetry and relative locality in a curved/expanding spacetime

TitleDeformed Lorentz symmetry and relative locality in a curved/expanding spacetime
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsAmelino-Camelia, G, Marciano, A, Matassa, M, Rosati, G
JournalPhys. Rev. D 86 (2012) 124035
KeywordsDoubly special relativity

The interest of part of the quantum-gravity community in the possibility of\r\nPlanck-scale-deformed Lorentz symmetry is also fueled by the opportunities for testing the relevant scenarios with analyses, from a signal-propagation perspective, of observations of bursts of particles from cosmological distances. In this respect the fact that so far the implications of deformed Lorentz symmetry have been investigated only for flat (Minkowskian) spacetimes represents a very significant limitation, since for propagation over cosmological distances the curvature/expansion of spacetime is evidently tangible. We here provide a significant step toward filling this gap by exhibiting an explicit example of Planck-scale-deformed relativistic symmetries of a spacetime with constant rate of expansion (deSitterian). Technically we obtain the first ever example of a relativistic theory of worldlines of particles with 3 nontrivial relativistic invariants: a large speed scale (\"speed-of-light scale\"), a large distance scale (inverse of the \"expansion-rate scale\"), and a large momentum scale (\"Planck scale\"). We address some of the challenges that had obstructed success for previous attempts by exploiting the recent understanding of the connection between deformed Lorentz symmetry and relativity of spacetime locality. We also offer a preliminary analysis of the differences between the scenario we here propose and the most studied scenario for broken (rather than deformed) Lorentz symmetry in expanding spacetimes.


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