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Fredholm modules for quantum euclidean spheres

TitleFredholm modules for quantum euclidean spheres
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsHawkins, E, Landi, G
JournalJ. Geom. Phys. 49 (2004) 272-293

The quantum Euclidean spheres, $S_q^{N-1}$, are (noncommutative) homogeneous spaces of quantum orthogonal groups, $\\\\SO_q(N)$. The *-algebra $A(S^{N-1}_q)$ of polynomial functions on each of these is given by generators and relations which can be expressed in terms of a self-adjoint, unipotent matrix. We explicitly construct complete sets of generators for the K-theory (by nontrivial self-adjoint idempotents and unitaries) and the K-homology (by nontrivial Fredholm modules) of the spheres $S_q^{N-1}$. We also construct the corresponding Chern characters in cyclic homology and cohomology and compute the pairing of K-theory with K-homology. On odd spheres (i. e., for N even) we exhibit unbounded Fredholm modules by means of a natural unbounded operator D which, while failing to have compact resolvent, has bounded commutators with all elements in the algebra $A(S^{N-1}_q)$.


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