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Principal circle bundles, Pimsner algebras and Gysin sequences

TitlePrincipal circle bundles, Pimsner algebras and Gysin sequences
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsArici, F

Principal circle bundles and Gysin sequences play a crucial role in mathematical physics, in particular in Chern-Simons theories and T-duality.
This works focuses on the noncommutative topology of principal circle bundles: we investigate the connections between noncommutative principal circle bundles, Pimsner algebras and strongly graded algebras.
At the C*-algebraic level, we start from a self-Morita equivalence bimodule E for a C*-algebra B which we think of as a non commutative line bundle over the `base space’ algebra B.
The corresponding Pimsner algebra O_E, is then the total space algebra of an associated circle bundle.
A natural six term exact sequence, an analogue of the Gysin sequence for circle bundles, relates the KK-theories of O_E and of the base space B.
We illustrate several results with the examples of quantum weighted projective and lens spaces.

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