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Time Optimal Synthesis for Left-Invariant Control Systems on SO(3)

TitleTime Optimal Synthesis for Left-Invariant Control Systems on SO(3)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsBoscain, U, Chitour, Y
JournalSIAM J. Control Optim. 44 (2005) 111-139

Consider the control system given by $\\\\dot x=x(f+ug)$, where $x\\\\in SO(3)$, $|u|\\\\leq 1$ and $f,g\\\\in so(3)$ define two perpendicular left-invariant vector fields normalized so that $\\\\|f\\\\|=\\\\cos(\\\\al)$ and $\\\\|g\\\\|=\\\\sin(\\\\al)$, $\\\\al\\\\in ]0,\\\\pi/4[$. In this paper, we provide an upper bound and a lower bound for $N(\\\\alpha)$, the maximum number of switchings for time-optimal trajectories. More precisely, we show that $N_S(\\\\al)\\\\leq N(\\\\al)\\\\leq N_S(\\\\al)+4$, where $N_S(\\\\al)$ is a suitable integer function of $\\\\al$ which for $\\\\al\\\\to 0$ is of order $\\\\pi/(4\\\\alpha).$ The result is obtained by studying the time optimal synthesis of a projected control problem on $R P^2$, where the projection is defined by an appropriate Hopf fibration. Finally, we study the projected control problem on the unit sphere $S^2$. It exhibits interesting features which will be partly rigorously derived and partially described by numerical simulations.


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