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Soft elasticity and microstructure in smectic C elastomers

TitleSoft elasticity and microstructure in smectic C elastomers
Publication TypePreprint
AuthorsDeSimone, A, Adams, J, Conti, S
Series TitleContin. Mech. Thermodyn. 18 (2007) 319-334
Document NumberSISSA;05/2006/M

Smectic C elastomers are layered materials exhibiting a solid-like elastic response along the layer normal and a rubbery one in the plane. The set of strains minimizing the elastic energy contains a one-parameter family of simple stretches associated with an internal degree of freedom, coming from the in-plane component of the director. We investigate soft elasticity and the corresponding microstructure by determining the quasiconvex hull of the set , and use this to propose experimental tests that should make the predicted soft response observable.

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