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Research fields

  • geometry, in particular algebraic, differential, and noncommutative geometry, also with applications to quantum field and string theory
  • mathematical analysis, in particular calculus of variations, control theory, partial and ordinary differential equations
  • mathematical modelling, in particular mechanics of solids and fluids, modelling of complex and biological systems, multiscale analysis
  • mathematical physics, in particular integrable systems and their applications, nonlinear partial differential equations, mathematical aspects of quantum physics
  • numerical analysis and scientific computing, applied to partial differential equations and to control problems

PhD and MSC courses:


  • SISSA MathLab: a laboratory for mathematical modeling and scientific computing
  • SAMBA a laboratory in collaboration with the Cognitive Neuroscience Group

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Former Faculty Members

Former Professors

Visiting Professors

High Performance Computing for Data Science

The course will utilize a combination of frontal lectures and live programming demonstrations. The course will maintain a balance of approximately 50% frontal lectures and 50% hands-on sessions. The course is designed to be highly interactive, with ample opportunities for students to ask questions and engage in discussions during both the frontal lectures and hands-on sessions. Course materials and further details here.  


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