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Mechanobiology of the Cell

  • The cell and its parts
  • Mechanics of the plasma membrane
  • Mechanics of the cytoskeleton
  • Mechanics of adhesion
  • Mechanotransduction

Advanced Topics in Numerical Solutions of PDEs

  • Isogeometric Analysis Techniques (LH)
  • Boundary Element Methods (LH)
  • Numerical Optimal Control of PDEs (GR)
  • Reduced Basis Methods in Computational Mechanics (GR)
  • Shape Optimization (optional)

Topics in Scientific Computing for the Solution of PDEs

Numerical Methods for PDEs

  • Finite Elements
  • Elliptic Problems
  • Parabolic Problems
  • Hyperbolic Problems

HPC Techniques for the solutions of PDEs

  • Domain Decomposition
  • Reduced Basis Approximations
  • Multipole Expansion

Topics in Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • Introduction to CFD, examples.
  • Incompressible flows.
  • Numerical methods for potential and thermal flows
  • Numerical methods for viscous flows: steady Stokes equations
  • Discretization techniques for steady and unsteady Navier-Stokes equations.
  • Advanced optional topic (1): compressible flows.
  • Advanced optional topic (2): fluid and structure interaction.

Material will be provided during classes.


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